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    Why Every Photographer Should Be Using Shootproof

    If you’ve been around me for a while, it should come as no surprise that I LOVE Shootproof!! I will literally sing its praises until the day I die. In my opinion, it’s the best gallery delivery system that exists. 

    Put Shootproof above the rest: Shootproof vs. CloudSpot vs. Pixiset vs. Pass vs. literally anything else…

    And Shootproof WINS every time!

    Bold statement, I know. But it’s so true!

    And it’s HIGHLY underrated. (Like why do more people not know about this GOLD?!)

    I’ve got many reasons why I believe every photographer should be using Shootproof, but here are my top 3. (I should note that Shootproof has every feature that other gallery delivery systems have…AND MORE. The 3 I’m listing are features other systems don’t have.)

    1. Limiting Number of Downloads

    Shootproof has the best and easiest interface to limit the number of downloads your clients can get! This is especially helpful if you’re doing mini-sessions or your session fee doesn’t include the full gallery. 

    With the click of a couple of buttons, you can limit the number of downloads and link it to a specific client (so Uncle Bob can’t get extra downloads for the family that the client didn’t purchase). 

    No need to set up a coupon code or worry about the back-and-forth of your clients favoriting the ones they want so you can send them. They just download the ones included in their session that they want, and purchase more through the shopping cart if they want!

    Other gallery delivery systems like CloudSpot or Pixiset just can’t do that. Pass allows it, but it’s more difficult to set up. 


    2. Automated Email Campaigns

    This is probably one of my favorite features about Shootproof…and NO OTHER SYSTEM has it. Shootproof lets you create an email campaign, link it to your gallery, and let it run without ever thinking about it! (If you’re using Shootproof’s invoice feature, you can also link an email sequence to the invoice.)

    Email campaigns can be useful for a number of things: automated up-selling of digitals or prints (my favorite!!), reminding clients to download their photos before the gallery expires, and so much more!  

    You can have several email campaign templates already made, and link the appropriate one to the gallery as you’re setting it up. 

    This extremely powerful tool will help increase your profits without you lifting a finger!! Seriously, it’s the best.


    3. Built-In CRM…Send Contracts & Invoices!

    If you’re just starting out, this one is a game-changer!! CRMs like Dubsado or HoneyBook can be so expensive, especially if you don’t have many bookings coming in at the start. 

    Shootproof has contracts and invoices built-in to every plan, so you can easily get your business up and running with Shootproof alone!

    I used Shootproof as my CRM for the first year of my business. It does have its limitations and lacks features that more robust CRMs offer, but it does the trick when you’re starting out!



    If you’re on the fence about Shootproof, I’m telling you, you won’t regret it!! Try it out using their 30 day free trial and see for yourself. You’ll only wish you found this gallery delivery system sooner!

    Have questions? DM me on Instagram @rebeccaricephotography and let’s chat! I truly love serving photographers however I can!

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