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    Behind the Lens: Family Session with Twin 1 Year Olds

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    This family is dear to me because I've been able to be a part of the journey! A little over a year ago I took their family maternity session and now their TWINS are 1! That's right, twin 1 year olds! One of my favorite parts of family photography is watching a family grow and create priceless memories like this session. The truth is motherhood and fatherhood go fast. These sweet almost toddler stages are fleeting, so as a photographer I understand the importance of pausing life and capturing it in frame. This session of Nashville family portraits is featured in Behind the Lens and I know you'll love it!

    Nashville, TN Family Session with Twins

    Stephanie Kase and her beautiful family came to visit us in Nashville, TN and the location was absolutely perfect! We let the twins explore and had our fair share of challenges on getting them to cooperate at the same time. But, overall the session was a win! You'll see how I managed to capture the family and put together a full gallery with variety inside. Behind the Lens is the family photographer's membership designed to give you practical and educational resources! Every month you get an exclusive masterclass on topics that will help grow your business. You also receive a new behind the scenes session as you virtually shadow me! All this is available immediately so you'll have plenty of education to work your way through for months!

    Scroll down and sift through the stunning photos. And join me as well as over 400 other photographers inside Behind the Lens. Trust me, you need to know how to work with twins let alone toddlers! My sessions span from extended family to smash cakes to red truck Christmas minis and all the things in between. It's time to invest in your business and yourself. See you inside friend!

    1 year old twins who wear a muted, pink, tone floral onesie romper with ruffle sleeves and whale sprout ponytails, stand in the grass holding on to a white fence and look through with their backsides more towards the camera. Nashville family portraits of a family with 1 year old TWINS is on the blog TODAY! Click the link to see this session and join my Behind the Lens membership! Family with 1 year old twins stand in front of a white fence surrounded by green grass while Mom and Dad each hold a daughter and they look at each other and smile. They coordinate in blush, cream, and muted pink tone colors. Click to see more on the blog! 1 year old twins are held but their Mom and Dad who hold them over their shoulders and the twins look back and smile at Rebecca Rice Photography. They coordinate in outfits with blush, muted pinks, and white colors. Mom and Dad hold 1 year old twin girls as the twins lean in and give each other a kiss. They both have whale sprout ponytails and wear floral, ruffle sleeve, muted pink tone onesies. Click to see more on the blog today! Mom and Dad hold hands and look at each other as they each hold their 1 year old twin daughters and walk along a white fence link surrounded by green grass and trees in Nashville for their family portraits! Click to see more photography education from Rebecca Rice Photography on the blog today! Photo session with twin 1 year old girls during their Nashville family portraits show one image with mom and her holding her daughters close to her cheeks and smiling at the camera wearing coordinating outfits in blush and muted pink tones. The other image shows Dad holding his twin girls and they all look at the camera of Rebecca Rice Photography! Click to see more from this session on the blog today! Two 1 year old twins are held by their parents whose backs are to use and they look over their parents shoulders at the camera of Rebecca Rice Photography with their whale sprouts and smiles. The family wears coordinating color outfits of blush, white, and neutral, floral onesies for the girls. Nashville family portraits are taken by Rebecca Rice Photography for her Behind the Lens photography education. Sweet 1 year old twin girls who wear a neutral, muted pink tone floral onesies rompers with ruffle sleeves are head by their Mom who kisses one twin on the cheek during their Nashville family portrait session with Rebecca Rice Photography. Click to see more of these cuties on the blog today! Young, new parents hold hands and walk together along a fence line smiling at each other. The girl wears a spaghetti strap blush, maxi dress, and her husband wears a white, button down shirt and light, khaki shorts. They walk together during Rebecca Rice's Behind the Lens Membership for her photography education! Check out this session and more about Behind the Lens on the blog today! Young couple as new parents to twin 1 year old girls takes family portraits in Nashville with Rebecca Rice Photography. Mom and Dad take a moment to take a picture of just them together with Mom resting her hand on her husbands chest and the pull each other in close and smile at the camera. Click to see more of this couple and their twins on the blog today! Sweet one year old girl with blonde hair and a whale sprout ponytail is a new walker and excited about taking her first steps. She smiles big at the camera and wears a muted, neutral floral dress with ruffle sleeves and no shoes. Click to see more of this cutie and her twin sister on the blog today! Cute little one year old girl stands barefoot on a concrete ground outside and yells to her twin sister during their Nashville family portrait session. Rebecca Rice Photography captures this one year old, her twin sister, and their parents for her Behind the Lens membership for her photography education. Mom and Dad walk hand in hand as each one holds their twin daughters in their other arms. They wear coordinating color outfits of blush, muted pinks and floral dresses for the girls, and white and khaki for Dad. Click to see more of this family on the blog today and go behind the scenes with Rebecca Rice Photography. One year old girl bends down to play with the loose gravel during their Nashville family photography session. See this cute little whale, sprout ponytail girl on the blog today with her twin sister! One year old girl walks along a pathway with a big grin and her tongue sticking through her teeth as she walks towards Rebecca Rice Photography. Click now to see more of this cutie and go behind the scenes with Rebecca Rice for her photography education membership. One year old twin girls look over the shoulder of their parents at Rebecca Rice who is capturing their Nashville session for her photography education membership. Click to see more of this family and watch Rebecca behind the scenes!

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