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Sometimes life events give us the perfect opportunity to pivot! For Courtney Bradley of Courtney Bradley Photography that’s exactly what happened. After 23 years in the hair industry not only was she ready to let her creative brain shift, but so was her body! Today’s Student Spotlight features someone we can all relate to. She’s […]


¬†¬†Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Transcript Have you ever been part of a mastermind? Over the past few years the term “coaching” has really taken off in the business world. The idea of gathering with like minded entrepreneurs to learn and be coached along is genius! What is a mastermind? Typically it is a group […]


Last month I started something new…I decided to share my goal-setting process as well as my monthly, weekly, and daily goals for the world to see. This was a little nerve-racking because it added a sense of pressure and accountability, but I’m so glad I did it!   If you missed it, you can check […]


December 29, 2018

As 2018 is coming to an end, I wanted to sit down and reflect on my year and all that I’ve learned along the way. This year has been full of change and transition, some planned for and some unexpected. To recap our crazy year, we…   Launched Rebecca Rice Photography as an official business […]


Man, November was a whirlwind in the Rice home!! We are in the midst of so much transition, it’s hard to keep our heads on straight sometimes. (All good things, just so much happening all at once!) We settled into Daniel’s parents’ house where we’ll be living until our new home is finished being built […]